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CIA website allegedly hacked by ‘Anonymous’

Stephen C. Webster | 10.02.2012 23:37 | Technology | World

The website of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) appeared to be offline Friday afternoon, shortly after a Twitter account associated with the hacker group “Anonymous” announced that it had been taken down.!/AnonymousPress/status/168064051304341504

Reached for comment by Raw Story, a CIA public affairs officer had no comment, but did note that the agency was “experiencing some problems with the servers.” A press officer also had no comment, and said that the website being down was “news to me.” A third request for comment, filed with another press officer, went without any reply.

Russia Today was the first organization to report the alleged hack.

If hackers were indeed responsible for the website’s downtime Friday, it wouldn’t be the first instance: hackers with the now-dormant “Lulz Security” group said last June that they were responsible for taking down the CIA’s website, which is of little significance to agency operations.

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