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Defend Free Press In The UK - Reinstate Press TV!

Ed Colenutt | 21.01.2012 17:34 | Repression

Press TV has been removed from UK television by Ofcom. The guys and girls at Occupy Finsbury Square London have organised a protest against this blatant act of censorship.

Ofcom (The Office Of Communications) has decided to remove the Iranian English-language news channel Press TV from the Sky platform under the pretext that they made administrative errors in its application for a license in 2007.

The reality is that Ofcom - a government funded regulatory body for the UK communications industries - are trying to silence media outlets that do not follow the 'official' line. Press TV has provided extensive coverage of events that the mainstream news channels conveniently seem to deem not important enough to receive airtime, from the extravagant cost of the royal wedding to the actions of the Israeli government in Gaza.

This action is an attack on freedom of speech and freedom of the press in the UK. If we do not stand against this it will only serve to encourage Ofcom in taking such actions against other broadcasters that are brave enough to speak out against the wrongdoings of the British establishment and their cronies.

Join us at 1pm on Friday, January 27th outside Ofcom's head office at: Riverside House, 2a Southwark Bridge Road, London, SE1 9HA. Bring placards & banners, horns, whistles, and anything else you think can help draw attention to the Orwellian practices of Ofcom. Most importantly, bring yourselves and invite all your friends!

If you would like to be with us on the 27th but are unable to make the journey, we are also conducting a telephone campaign on the same day to voice our discontent at this blatant censorship. You can contact Ofcom on 0300 123 3333 - calls cost the same as a standard UK landline call and are included in minutes packages with all UK call providers.

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