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1-2 Feb. Call-out: Solidarity with Assange & WikiLeaks at Supreme Court, London

solidarity with assange | 18.01.2012 13:04 | Anti-militarism | Repression

Solidarity needed outside the Supreme Court, Parliament Square, London for Julian Assange's two day hearing 1-2 Feb.


A Year of Standing Against the War and in Solidarity with Julian Assange & Bradley Manning.


To support Julian Assange & WikiLeaks outside the Supreme Court on Wed Feb 1st. & Thurs Feb 2nd. 8.30am - 5pm in a manner they wish to be supported. We (folks from "Veterans for Peace" & the Giuseppe Conlon House network) will maintain a nonviolent, dignified anti-war solidarity vigil outside the Supreme Court for the duration of the two day hearing.


Minimum 10 folks outside the Supreme Court at the vigil from 8.30am sharp and from 3.30pm and others to rotate through the folks take breaks.


If you can confirm your times of attendance contact:
Ciaron ciaronx AT
Ph/ text. 079 392 90576


If you can't make it to London, you may wish to take solidarity actions with WikiLeaks and against the war - vigil, speak out, act up, spread the word - where you are on 1st and/or 2nd Feb.


How to get to the Supreme Court, Parliament Square, London SW1P 3BD


There is a relatively cheap cafe located near the SupremeCourt.

There is cafe/ toilets located in the church next to nearby QE2 Conference Centre.

There are public toilets located at nearby Westminster tube station.


- Background & Updates on the Extradtion to Sweden Hearing

- U.S. Military refers all charges against Bradley Manning to Court Martial

- U.S. Grand Jury on WikiLeaks

The secret U.S. Grand Jury on WikiLeaks has been convened in Alexandra, Virginia, U.S.A. for over a year. It appears that they are still at the "fishing expedition" stage (yet to force immunity, take the right to remain silent away and threaten jail for supbeonaed witnesses). This pace is probably in relation to wait and see what was going to happen to Bradley Manning at his pre-trial at Ft. Meade (where the Judge was also from the same U.S. Justice Dept conducting the Grand Jury on WikiLeaks, go figure?) and what happens in London on Feb 1 & 2 to Julian Assange.

solidarity with assange


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Feb 2nd. 2012 edition- "Rolling Stone" interview with Julian Assange of WikiLeak

21.01.2012 14:10

Feb 2nd. 2012 edition- "Rolling Stone" interview with Julian Assange of WikiLeaks

Rolling Stone

Supreme Court Staement and Sky Livestream of Hearing

25.01.2012 11:58

Supreme Court Statement on the days of hearing

Sky Livestream of the Hearing

additional info

Youtube (1 min 32 secs) on Julian Assange extradition facts

27.01.2012 10:13

Youtube (1 min 32 secs) on Julian Assange extradition facts