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Police raid on Occupy Lancaster

@LancasterOccupy | 09.01.2012 00:29 | Occupy Everywhere | Policing | Repression

Tonight there was a police raid on Occupy Lancaster and 4 were arrested.

Video of police breaking down door of Railton Hotel to evict Lancaster occupation

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Illegal eviction vid Occupy Lancaster

09.01.2012 00:56

Illegal eviction tonight at Occupy Lancaster UK after less than 24 hours of a legal squat – a derelict building that had been unoccupied for around 10 years, totally unsecure and had been used in that time by vagrants and others, a total mess inside which had been cleaned up to a large extent by the Occupy activists. Lots of ideas and hopes for a vibrant community and consciousness raising space dashed by a heavy handed police response on the false pretext of criminal damage by activists. Please share this vid as widely as possible, and look out for reports tomorrow in National Guardian newspaper, and possibly the BBC as well…

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online guardian

09.01.2012 01:23

The story is on Guardian website rather than in the paper, here: Bindmans emailed, IPCC complaint form downloaded. This appears to be a blatant breach of section6 with no evidence of criminal damage.



09.01.2012 01:45

Seek legal help as you can sue for the unlawful evictions if they did not have a court order to remove you from the buildings dozens of activits sued for unlawful evictions last year when squats in london and manchester were evicted the campaigns sued them for tens of tousands of pounds Sooo hint hint :) i can sugest solicitors and or barristers if needed solicitors @ bindmans or birds would be the best choice :) hope this helps

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Help is required

09.01.2012 16:42

The 4 are still in custody, but their release is expected. We DO need help with finding solicitors and eventually, barristers, either for Criminal Damage charge (would be a walkover. No evidence), or to sue for wrongful arrest if not charged, and for breach of section 6. Please contact Occupy Lancaster at if you can help. Law Society provided local solicitors who turned out to be dead ends. I am fairly sure we can win this if we get a decent solicitor and barrister.

Occupy Lancaster