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Cardiff NYE Prisoner Solidarity Noise Demo

CABC | 02.01.2012 16:08 | Social Struggles

A banner drop and noise demo outside Cardiff central prison.

At 10:00 on the evening of new years eve, over 20 people marched to Cardiff prison. As the crowd got into position and began to chant over and under the sound of air horns, whistles,megaphones and various noisemaking implements; a large banner was dropped from the top story of a multi-story carpark. The banner read ''FOR A NEW YEAR WITHOUT PRISONS: FREEDOM FOR ALL!'', and faced directly towards the cell windows of the prisoners.
There was an overwhelming reaction from inside, with prisoners banging on windows, yelling, chanting with one another, dancing and even setting fires in cells and dropping flaming objects out windows. A mixture of political messages and friendly banter continued until the cops showed up at about 11:20pm.
There was a standoff for 15 minutes after the cops threatened to make arrests if the demo continued. The mood was lightened by the sound of anti-police chants and slogans coming from behind the prison walls. The demo moved on making more noise at various points around the perimeter of the prison. To avoid arrest, the group moved on for a few minutes before returning at midnight to make more noise in solidarity and to wish the prisoners a happy and free new year.

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