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Leeds Antifascist Film Festival

Leeds Anarchist Black Cross | 30.12.2011 15:34 | Anti-racism | History | Repression | Birmingham | Sheffield

Coming in February...

Since its emergence as a distinct ideology at the beginning of the Twentieth
Century, fascism has brought more misery to the world than any other political
doctrine. Yet, even today, even after the titanic antifascist struggles of the past,
and even the Nazi Holocaust, from Anders Breivik to Dale Farm, the threat of
fascism still exists. In the past, our comrades had the courage to stand up and
say No Pasaran! – They shall not pass! – From Leeds’ own Holbeck Moor,
where Oswald Mosley was routed, to the battlefields of Spain. The heroism of
these brave antifascists, who often paid the ultimate price for their resistance,
should not be forgotten.

We are showing these films, documenting the fight against fascism in Spain,
Germany, England, France, and Poland to educate and inspire. We should
never forget the reality of fascism nor shrink from confronting it ourselves. For
evil to flourish it is only necessary that good people do nothing.
Leeds Antifascist Film Festival will take place at Space, an exciting new project
at Mabgate, over the weekend of the 4th and 5th February, with films showing in
the afternoon and evening. Stay for one film or for all of them, times will be
advertised in advance.

As well as the films, there will be talks, refreshments (including vegan cake!)
and the Leeds ABC bookstall will be there selling (as well as books) pamphlets,
T-shirts, badges, CDs, and more. Admission is free, but donations will be
gratefully received on the door. The event is a benefit for antifascist prisoners.
A full programme of the films and talks will be published closer to the event on
the Leeds ABC and Space websites.

Hope to see you there.

Leeds Anarchist Black Cross
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