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Calais: death of Ismael

Calais Migrant Solidarity | 26.12.2011 10:25 | Migration | Repression

Calais has killed a person, a young Ethiopian man, who has spent some time Calais and is known to a lot of people there. He was found at the bottom of a bridge in the center of Calais in the early hours of Thursday 22 December.

Ismael had spent much time in Calais with a lot of friends here and in many places along his journey. It has been a loss not only to the Ethopian community but across all communities.

The reason for his death is not clear, what happened or why. The police immediately tried to close the case as suicide, treating his death as insignificant. There has been no autopsy and further investigation has been refused. His friends have been denied permission to identify the body, they have tried twice at the central police station because it is very important to them, but have been met with threats that the border police (PAF) will be called if they do not leave. Only a person from Calais has been allowed identify him.

Clearly the police don’t find it important enough to investigate a death, but would rather spend time continuing to harass ‘foreigners’, both those with and without papers. On the same day that people found out this man died the police continued to raid these people’s homes, as normal. So what is the police’ work? To prevent death, or create death? A rhetorical question.

This fascist state of Calais with its pristine parks gives more water and health to its flowers then to people.

This is not the first time a person has been killed by the border system, and as long as it remains it will not be the last.

A vigil was held with many people at the site where he died on Sunday evening.

Calais Migrant Solidarity
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