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NATO/Mossad intelligence agents planting 'Arab' bombs? & origin of the word Tory

Friday Drivetime | 24.12.2011 00:21 | Analysis | Anti-militarism | Terror War | World

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Russia’s role in global politics. Vladimir Putin, his four-and-a-half hour long TV discussion and last week’s Russian elections.

Was Prime Minister David Cameron a ‘fixer’ in an illegal South African nuclear arms deal in 1992/3? Origins of the word ‘Tory’ to describe the Conservative party.

Terrorist or western intelligence bomb attacks in Iraq and Syria this week. Smoke and mirrors: Western police and intelligence services manipulating terrorists and planting bombs themselves? Similar history in Turkey, Italy (Operation Gladio), Northern Ireland and Egypt.

The Clash, modern political story of Nicaragua, the Sandinistas and the Iran-Contra scandal.

BBC Radio Bristol loses 50% (RAJAR: 8.4% to 4.2%) of their listeners and lose their way too in year to October 2011. BBC Director General Mark Thompson and Chairman of the BBC Trust Chris Patten quizzed on possible pro-EU bias.

Resignation of North Somerset MP and Defence Secretary Liam Fox and the Adam Werritty Philip Gould scandal.

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