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Brighton Squatters Resist Eviction Attempt

Brighton Squatters | 21.12.2011 11:29 | Free Spaces | Repression | South Coast

Squatters in Brighton have succesfuly defended themselves against a violent eviction attempt by High Court Balliffs this morning (21/12/11)

This morning at 8am, less than 48 hours after a possession order was granted by Brighton Magistrates Court, the Brighton and Hove council attempted to evict the occupiers of Ainsworth House on Wellington Road, Brighton.

The building has been occupied for less than a month by at least 25 people. Despite the fact Christmas is only 4 days away, the council is pushing ahead with plans to make the occupiers (including vulnerable people with disabilities) homless. For more info see the previous indymedia article here:

High Court Balliffs with a tool team and a locksmith arrived around 8am this morning and attempted to pursuade the occupiers to let them in. When this was refused, they threatened people with arrest and loosing their possessions, then broke out an angle grinder, trying to cut through the metal door. The occupants barricaded the door and the balliffs where met with projectiles and had fire extinguishers sprayed at them. Needless to say they hastily retreated. Three cars and a van full of police arrived, but refused to do the council's dirty work and evict the occupuiers. The balliffs left, no doubt to return with greater force at a later date.

The occupiers have vowed to continue to resist any attempt to evict them from their home and call on Brighton's (Green Party) council to let them stay over Christmas at least.

Any messages of Solidarity can be sent to the Squatter's Network Phone (07531871995).

Any and all support in greatly needed. Anyone who wants to come and help in any way is more than welcome.

SNOBAHA (Squatter's Network of Brighton and Hove Actually)

Brighton Squatters
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