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Anti-fascist prisoners update: send letters for Christmas

Freedom Press | 19.12.2011 11:53 | Anti-racism | Repression

Being locked up is grim at the best of times, being locked up over Christmas, away from friends and family, is always going to be an especially difficult time, so we urge all decent anarchists and radicals to send a letter, messages of support, of just a few lines to the five anti-fascist prisoners still inside to let them know they are not forgotten during this time.

The five were part of an anti-fascist mobilisation against a neo-Nazi Blood and Honour gig held in South London in 2009. An incident happened on Welling train station that saw two neo-Nazis confronted by one anti-fascist who challenged the politics of the pair in a physical manner sending one to the floor. The police went on to arrest 23 anti-fascists for the incident. In total 13 stood trial for ‘conspiracy to commit violent disorder’ despite there being no evidence of a conspiracy. Of the 23 original arrests, three charges were dropped before coming to trial, 13 were found not guilty and seven found guilty of which five are still serving out their prison sentences of between 15 and 21 months.

Anti-fascist prisoner addresses:

Andy Baker A5768CE
HMP Highpoint
Suffolk CB8 9YG

Sean Cregan A5769CE
HMP Coldingley
Shaftesbury Rd
Surrey GU24 9EX

Phil De Souza A5766CE
HMP Elmley
Church Road
Kent ME12 4DZ

Ravinder Gill A5770CE
HMP Wayland
Norfolk IP25 6RL

Austen Jackson A5729CE
HMP Stocken
Stocken Hall Road
Nr. Oakham
Rutland LE15 7RD

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