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Are Western Israeli/NATO special forces already attacking Iran?

Friday Drivetime | 13.12.2011 01:40 | Analysis | Anti-militarism | World

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9th December 2011 - mp3 6.5M

China tells its navy to prepare for war; Rupert Murdoch’s Fox TV News broadcasts blazing Greek riot footage as if it was shot in this week’s Moscow election demonstration; relation between financial crisis and war. Is NATO ‘missile defence’ system starting a new arms race? Russian elections. Are Western Israeli/NATO special forces already attacking Iran? Tricky – Black Steel (1995). NHS whistleblowing safeguards are not working, new local safeguards from South West Whistleblowers Health Action Group (SWWHAG) contacts: & 07971 968244. Tricky – Hell Is Round The Corner (1995); Will Stone from the Avon & Bristol Law Centre, UK Human Rights Act: human rights day tomorrow, Kenneth Clarke delays £350m legal aid cuts; EU Convention of Human Rights; Government slashes solar power tariff; alternative energy and Frack Off campaign’s anti-fracking action with Mike Birkin from South West Friends of the Earth

Friday Drivetime
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