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Phone Blockade of Constant and Co

Traveller Solidarity Network | 12.12.2011 19:23 | Dale Farm | Anti-racism | Other Press | Repression

A phone, and fax blockade of the offices of notorious Balliff company Constant & Co. aimed at disrupting their activities in facilitating homelessness and state sponsered racism.

01234 340091 (Bedford)
01908 374374 (Bletchley)

If you want to also be inventive the fax numbers are:
01234 301299
01908 374374


On the 19th of December from 11am, the Travellers Solidarity Network is
calling for a complete phone blockade of the notoriously anti-Traveller
bailiff company Constant & Co.

The 19th will mark two months from the start of the brutal eviction of the
Dale Farm Travellers' site in Essex. During the month long eviction
process, the bailiff company completely demolished a site which had been
home to 86 families, leaving them with nowhere to go. The eviction was
carried out with intimidation, racism and violence from the bailiffs.

Constant & Co take huge pride in their work, saying they are the experts
in dealing with the "gypsy-problem". There have been numerous instances of violations of human rights at evictions they have carried out, for instance at the Hovefields Traveller site eviction near Basildon. It is
not acceptable that anyone is making money out of the Government's racist attacks on the Travelling community.

Firms such as Constant & Co need to know that they cannot continue
their atrocities without repercussions and resistance. The
phone blockade is our way of telling them that although Dale Farm has been cleared, this does not mean we are going away. This is the start of the offensive.

On the 19th people are also returning to police stations across Essex
to be charged for their involvement in resisting the Dale Farm eviction,
this action is also undertaken in solidarity with them.

To be part of the phone blockade, simply call the numbers (below) on the 19th of December. Call them as many times as you can throughout the day, keep them on the line for as long as you can. An idea would be to lead them in circles with petty enquiries for as long as you can bear it, ending with 'and by the way, fuck you for Dale Farm!' Be creative, confusing, surreal.

01234 340091 (Bedford)
01908 374374 (Bletchley)

If you want to also be inventive the fax numbers are:
01234 301299
01908 374374

Traveller Solidarity Network
- e-mail:


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Free Poster

12.12.2011 21:42


Poster - legibility

13.12.2011 11:31

Could that poster be done a bit more legible? The text fades into the background and you really have to strain.

Thanks for producing it!


more constant and co addresses and details

21.12.2011 23:53

Many more addresses, phone numbers etc are listed here:

Let them know what you think of them... :-D


Constant and co's bed fellows!

05.01.2014 21:43

For some evictions that could involve work at height Constant and Co have now started using a company called Bridgeway Limited, based in Nottingham.
These are a bridge inspection company with rope access skills and have worked for Constants in the last year or so but their area of expertise seems a little off!
If you'd like to contact Bridgeway Ltd either now or in future, here are their details:

Bridgeway Consulting Limited
Bridgeway House 2B

Email their rope access manager John Turner -

I understand they are also a probationary member of IRATA ( international rope access trade association) group of companies, does this mean this world recognised organisation and it members also approve of their collaboration with Constant and Co and the work they carry out?

mail e-mail: