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Video: Traveller Solidarity Network protest @ The Coronet Wetherspoons, London

TSN | 10.12.2011 11:40 | Dale Farm | Anti-racism | Repression | Social Struggles

This is just the beginning....

See the short video here:

On Friday 9th December the Traveller Solidarity Network organised a protest outside The Coronet, a Wetherspoon’s pub in London. This was in response to the pub’s decision to ban all the people who had been at the Irish Traveller Movement of Britain (ITMB) conference from going to the pub on the 17th November.

Around 25-30 people showed up to the pub with banners and placards and we gave out hundreds of leaflets to people passing by. Lots of people were supportive of us with people refusing to enter the pub because of their decision and one group even entering the pub to get their friends to leave!

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