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Occupy Birmingham University Press Release

Occupy Birmingham | 08.12.2011 21:05 | Occupy Everywhere | Education | Policing | Repression | Birmingham

Hot on the heels of this story, Occupy Birmingham have released the following statement in support of protesting Birmingham Uni students to the national media.

8th December 2011 15:00 hours

For Immediate Release:

‘We, the occupiers of Birmingham City, are dismayed as to the manner in which the authorities saw fit to deal with the peaceful occupation at the University of Birmingham.

We are in agreement with Tessa Gregory, the solicitor who has acted on behalf on Birmingham students:

“It is deeply concerning that the University of Birmingham have chosen to respond in such a draconian manner to a peaceful protest,”

We are aware that throughout this occupation the University of Birmingham has reacted with aggression and harassed it’s students.

We believe that ‘the University is an academic community of staff and students. Central to this concept is the ability of all its members freely to challenge prevailing orthodoxies, query the positions and views of others and to put forward ideas that may sometimes be radical in their formulation.’

These words were taken from the Code of Practice on Freedom of Speech, The University of Birmingham. It is clear that these are merely words rather than actions to you. This is of great concern. The University of Birmingham has had a significant history in challenging prevailing orthodoxies, notably through the work of the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies. It is no longer viable for the University to make such grand statements if its actions stand in direct contradiction.

The opening sentence to the institutions website reads: ‘The University of Birmingham has been challenging and developing great minds for more than a century.’ It would seem that is a statement worthy for the School of History, than being reflective of current practice.

Birmingham occupiers will seek to actively engage in debate with academic colleagues, students, unions, and, as parents, our children, to ensure that the message of the Universities actions are understood nationally and internationally. It is a difficult and expensive process to budget for and seek to repair a damaged reputation, now that the story is in the national press, we suggest that you begin your preparations forthwith.’

- Issued on behalf of Occupy Birmingham

Occupy Birmingham