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14 International Animal Rights Stories: Netherlands, Russia, Malaysia, Canada,

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200 bears shot in 1 day in New Jersey, Quebec strengthens
animal protetion laws, How vegans unwittingly cause animal suffering

Russia: The world's first tiger summit, hosted by President Putin in 2010, brought pledges of monetary
support from international participants[/b]

Sweden: New animal welfare act
Canada: the value of a polar bear
Malaysia: A year after President Putin's Internatioanl Tiger Summit
another one

Netherlands: Govt. has not stopped promotions for pig flesh with its concomitant
trichinella worms, cholesterol, colon bacteria, amyloid plquque
Africa: The black rhino is now officially extinct... shot by rich trophy
hunters from the Safari Club, poached etc.
US: Ohio pig flesh industry defends hanging pigs from forklifts to slowly
Worldwide: the most brutal castration methods
AT&T has outsourced worker sites in the Philippines, India, Jamaica, the US.
Please tell them to stop using wild animals in their ads.

Canada: Quebec strengthens animal protection laws

US: Virginia Charlottesville
University of Virginia, longtime torturer of beagles, has added cats to the list

US: Takoma Park Maryland
Prayers are requested for Walt Rave.. a man who
has poured out his life for at least 40 years in
the cause of animal protection. His truck was set
on fire in his driveway, which ignited his home
and caused third degree burns on 80% of his body.

US: New Jersey Barbarians kill 200 black bears in 1 day
How Do Vegans Unwittingly Cause Slaughterhouse Suffering?

1. by contributing to food banks, churches and charities which distribute animal or fish flesh to the poor or homeless.
2. by not investigating the investments of a pension fund
3. by not investigating the investments of a mutual fund or bank
4. by not investigating the investments of the US Social
Security system.

Know the tentacles of slaughterhouse money.