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On The Mass Arrests In Hackney, 30th November 2011

Some Participants | 06.12.2011 11:28 | Repression

On Wednesday 30th November, some people sick of the soul-destroying
rhythms of daily life, took to the streets of Hackney. Bored by the
dull dynamics of union activities which reduce our misery to a few narrow
demands and channel and contain our anger, we decided to take control of
our situation.

We blockaded Clapton bus depot in the early morning and the first police
to arrive moved quickly to try and make arrests. But we stuck tightly
together and they were soon forced to retreat, allowing us to move freely
for the next two hours.

We then hit the main traffic hubs of Hackney, by blocking several main roads and large junctions and finally, ended up at the picket outside CLR James library in Dalston. On the way, there was widespread support from passers-by who joined us at various points.

Once we arrived at the CLR James library, the police made their
move and suddenly flooded Dalston Lane with over 100 TSG officers, dog
units and a helicopter. The cops ploughed into the crowd, pushing and
punching us off the street. They went on to arbitrarily arrest two people,
with multiple officers slamming them to the ground, crushing and twisting
them til one almost lost consciousness. Everyone else was soon kettled
along with the picket outside the library. By 11.30am, everyone inside
the kettle had been arrested for breach of the peace and transported to
Albany St, Heathrow, Wimbledon, Bishopsgate and Kensington police
stations. Meanwhile, passers-by and those who had come to support us were
intimidated with dogs and some also arrested for breach of the peace.

At present, the numbers of arrests we know of stand at 42. All those taken
to custody were re-arrested mostly for affray, and other trumped-up
charges, allowing the MET to seize all our outer clothing, shoes and
mobile phones. One person was badly bruised and left concussed. Almost all
those arrested are bailed to return in mid-January.

Some participants from the day

Some Participants


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