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Radical queer blogger arrested in Syria

Anon | 05.12.2011 12:42 | Repression | World

News has emerged that Razan Ghazzawi, a radical queer blogger from Syria, was arrested as she tried to attend a conference in Jordan

An active campaigner on behalf of other detained journalists, Razan said, "If anything happens to me, remember that the regime does not fear the prisoners but those who do not forget them."

Pressure needs to be swift, since the first 24 hours of an arrest are reportedly often the most violent

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another gay girl in damascus?

05.12.2011 19:26

western liberals and their friends gearing up for another genocidal war. great!


to Adam

06.12.2011 04:10

I'm pretty sure this one is real, but point taken.

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[Flashback] War propaganda: Gay blogger in Damascus

06.12.2011 09:54

War propaganda: Gay blogger in Damascus

Voltaire Network, 13 June 2011

Launched in February 2011 by the intrepid Amina Abdallah Arraf, the blog "A Gay Girl in Damascus" purported to describe the plight of lesbians in Syria and the political repression at the hands of the Al-Assad dictatorial regime.

On 7 June 2011, a posting on the blog by a person who passed himself off as Amina’s cousin announced that she had been abducted by three armed men who whisked her away in an unmarked car with an official insignia on the windshield [1]

A tidal wave of solidarity immediately swept across the Internet; scores of Facebook accounts called for her release and demonstrations were organized in front of numerous Syrian embassies.

But alas, unmasked by pro-Syrian militants who had identified his IP, anti-Assad activist Tom MacMaster was forced to admit that Amina Abdallah Arraf did not exist and that his blog had been a red herring.

A U.S. postgraduate student at Edinburgh University in Scotland, Tom MacMaster is completing his PhD studies on Syria’s economy. He is currently in Turkey where he took part in an anti-Assad conference calling for a NATO intervention in Syria.

"A Gay Girl in Damascus" gained a worldwide readership and was held up by the Anglo-American press as a direct testimony of the repression in Syria.

Secular Syria does not ban homosexuality, which belongs to the private sphere. However, under the Takfirists - who have been intent on overthrowing the regime for the past couple of months - homosexuality would be punishable by death.



[1] See our daily bulletin on the situation in Syria, Syria Daily News Brief of 9 June 2011.

Voltaire Network
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A Gay Girl In Damascus: Mere Hoax Or Israeli Intelligence Operation?

08.12.2011 00:57

Hands down, without question, the most bizarre case that has come out of the Zionist plot to take down Syria is the blog known as ‘A Gay Girl In Damascus.’ This odd blog has been hailed and excessively promoted by the Zionist media over the last several months as a means to severely persecute Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian state as a whole. Supposedly, a half-Syrian, half-American lesbian blogger-activist named Amina Abdallah Araf al-Omari, who had been operating the blog for five years to raise awareness on Syria’s ‘poor human rights record,’ was abducted by Syrian security forces for her anti-regime activities. Apart from the obvious Zionist undertone beneath this persona and the story surrounding the ‘abduction,’ there was something else drastically wrong with all of it: nobody had ever met this ‘Amina Abdallah Araf al-Omari’ in person; not a single soul (128).

Nobody had ever met her before because, Amina Abdallah Araf al-Omari didn’t exist. She was the creation of 40-year old Thomas J. Macmaster from Stone Mountain, Georgia who now lives in Edinburgh, Scotland (129). But the trip through the realm of the bizarre doesn’t end there. It was uncovered that Macmaster once wrote about ‘Amina’s dream’ to learn Hebrew, live in the Zionist entity and represent Syria in the ethnically cleansed land now known as ‘Israel (130).’ Despite Macmaster then attempting to portray ‘Amina’ as pro-Palestinian (131), this single post revealed the very unsettling presence of Zionism.

And it gets more bizarre still. The ‘Amina’ profile was then linked to an Israeli website where Macmaster kept a log completely in Hebrew, something Macmaster has attempted to downplay as mere ‘web phishing (132).’ Phishing? Doubtful. Fishy? Absolutely. Once Macmaster was outed as the mastermind behind the Amina hoax, he issued an apology on the ‘Gay Girl In Damascus’ blog. Macmaster delivered the apology to the world from Istanbul, Turkey (133). Yes, of all of the places in the world to be while Zionism and Saudi Arabia direct armed insurrectionists against Syria, an American who is seemingly fluent in Hebrew is spreading hasbara about Bashar al-Assad and distributing fake reports about ‘human rights violations’ from Turkey, a central player in the ‘kiss of democratic death.’

Mask of Zion’s sources have confirmed that Macmaster had also befriended several prominent solidarity activists, scholars and (real) pro-Palestine bloggers on Facebook, the social networking giant owned by Zionist Mark Zuckerberg. It is necessary to document that Facebook was started with capital provided by men who were board members of CIA’s business wing, In-Q-Tel and is now being used by the agency to recruit personnel for its ‘National Clandestine Service (134).’ Zuckerberg met with Zionist war criminal Shimon Peres at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in February 2009 to discuss ‘fighting anti-Semitism’ with Facebook (135), an Orwellian premise if there ever was one. And when the Zionist entity called on Zuckerberg to remove the ‘Third Intifada’ fan page from his website, he heeded the call and did just that, in violation of free speech everywhere (136). Facebook is a data-mining festival being monitored by the CIA that is literally run by Zionist thought police.

Why aren’t the important questions being asked? This was deception on a massive scale, and the links between Macmaster, the Zionist entity, Syria and Turkey at this particular moment in history are undeniable. They are not coincidental and they stick out like a peacock in a white room.

Why was Tom Macmaster allowed to operate a fraudulent profile on Zionist-owned Facebook, essentially keeping tabs on top personalities in the solidarity movement? Is Tom Macmaster an intelligence officer employed by the Zionist entity, the United States or is he an informant/asset of either/both? Indirectly of course, Macmaster is an asset of the Zionist-globalist agenda against Syria simply because of the hasbara he disseminated, but if in fact Macmaster was/is a paid intelligence agent, it raises a much more sinister question: how many more like Macmaster are out there? The answer could be tens, hundreds or even thousands, especially considering Israel operates a vast and hyperactive cyber warfare unit that employs thousands of agents (137). Lastly, if Macmaster was/is an intelligence asset, how much did the now-exposed two-faced Turkish government know about his activities? Was it assisting him? Protecting him? Are there others like Macmaster in Turkey?

Though these questions will most likely never be answered, what is clear is that the Zionist media will latch on to anything and everything that it can get its grimy tentacles on in its efforts to make Syria out to be a monster and justify a NATO invasion. What is also clear, is that activists must be careful, as Zionism’s agents lurk at every dark corner of the internet, which has become a battleground in the war of oppressed vs. oppressor.

Jonathan Azaziah
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