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Animal testing firms to be granted access to your NHS records

Lab Rat | 04.12.2011 02:21 | Animal Liberation | Bio-technology

Cameron is to announce plans that pharmaceutical and other life sciences firms are to be granted access to NHS patient data. For use in clinical trials and drug development.

In a sickening betrayal regarding the rights to privacy and the right to boycott firms that test on animals David Cameron will this week announce a new deal that will see greater cooperation between companies such as HLS, Covance, GSK, Novartis and the NHS.

Sorry for the crap mainstream source at present, the news has just been announced this evening:

"The move is likely to face a backlash from privacy campaigners who have consistently opposed private companies being given access to medical records.
The Left will see it as the latest attempt to increase private involvement in the NHS, with the potential to hand even greater power to drugs companies.

There will be particular opposition from animal rights activists who object vehemently, and sometimes violently, to vivisection, while religious groups, particularly the Roman Catholic Church, could object to firms that use stem cells harvested from embryos being allowed access to NHS data.

One senior executive at a leading drugs company well-known for using animal testing said: “You can look at the NHS as one massive database with 60 million people in it.”"

Not content with wrecking the NHS via further privatisation by including the likes of ATOS in benefits cases overruling evidence from a patients GP, consultant or psychiatrist. The Tories are now announcing that life sciences companies including those that test on animals will be granted access to the health records of around 60 million people. Raising the prospect that all of us may inadvertently through no choice of our own be complicit in assisting with the murder and torture of hundred of thousands of animals.

This effectively removes our right to boycott firms we find objectionable, and also raises the frightening prospect that testing firms may be able to access the data and health records of known activists that oppose them.

This is objectionable on so many levels and shows that not even our most private details are safe from corporate and capitalist greed. This Tory government is selling us all out to the highest bidder. I for one find it absolutely disgusting that some lab coat techie working for Glaxo is going to be able to use my personal data to come up with more drugs to test on yet more animals. Leaving me with absolutely no choice in the matter.

Whether you're an animal rights campaigner, a privacy campaigner, an anti capitalist, or just someone on the sidelines. This is something that must be fought.

Lab Rat


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