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Food not Bombs every Sunday at Holloway Circus

Birmingham Food Not Bombs | 02.12.2011 16:41 | Social Struggles | Birmingham

On Sunday Birmingham Food not Bombs put on its third event, this time at Holloway Circus.

This was our third successful food distribution event and this time the majority of people coming to us where homeless or hungry. This week we were serving spicy chunky vegetable soup and tea and coffee, and like our last event we decided to take some food down to Occupy Birmingham. We’ve also decided to increase the amount food distribution we do so from now on we will be distributing free food every Sunday at the same location - the Holloway Circus island at 1pm.

If you want to get involved you can help in a number of ways; sourcing the food (normally on Thursdays and Fridays), cooking the food (Sunday mornings) and distributing it (Sunday pm - Holloway Circus)

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