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Pics: #N30 London Strike March (Lucy in London) | 01.12.2011 02:55 | London

Millions around the country took part in strike action and street protests on Wed November 30th. In london pickets started early with many joining the massive main march from Lincoln's Inn Fields to Victoria embankment. I haven't seen any number estimates (anywhere) but it was huge...

PS Happy N30 anniversary... 12 years ago in 1999 tens of thousands of people shut down the WTO conference in Seattle in America as a vicious police clampdown and state of emergency was declared to respond to the direct action blockades by a fired up coalition of trade unionists, anti-capitalists or anti-globalisation campaigners, environmentalists and global justice activists. Demonstrations also took place in cities across the world. It was also the birth of Indymedia.  

Whilst millions were on strike today it's not enough. The trade union leaders keep repeating that they will have to back civil disobedience tactics, but they never do. I think we all know the answer to this... (Lucy in London)
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