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N30: My Day Out on Strike

Lewisham (ionnek) | 01.12.2011 00:55 | London

I'm not a public servant, not employed in the UK and not unionised. Went out on strike today anyway, got up at six to join the South London Solidarity Federation at the beginning of their mobile picket at Lewisham Town Hall, then hooked up with Goldsmith College Student Flying Picket, visited the picket line at Goldsmith University, met the Precarious Workers Brigade at Lincolns Inn Fields, moved on to Piccadilly Circus where a bunch of football fans from Thessaloniki gave an impromptu choir performance to a whole lot of met police who were as confused as many protesters, then walked down Haymarket just in time to see a banner appear on top of Panton House demanding "all power to the 99 %". By the time I'd found out that it was the offices of the mining company xstrata, the banner had disappeared, the police had blocked Haymarket with a few dozen vans and formed a kettle round the entrance of the building. My strike ended in the pub round the corner.


Lewisham (ionnek)
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