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University of Warwick Occupation

J.Khan | 23.11.2011 15:09 | Education | Social Struggles | Birmingham

At 1pm, on Wednesday 23rd November, 100 students at the University of Warwick set up 15-20 tents to occupy in front of the Warwick Arts Centre. The demonstration marks a ‘day of action’ called for by the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts (NCAFC), belongs to similar occupations across the UK.

Occupation Warwick will be holding public talks on issues relating to the global resistance to financial austerity and the student movement in opposition to tuition fees.

Jehanzeb Khan, politics undergraduate, 20 years old: “the occupy movement presents a crucial alternative to the current neoliberal regime that we are increasingly subjected to, through public sector cuts and marketisation of the higher education system.”

Joey Saelens, Politics and Sociology, 18 years old: “The occupy camp will provide an inclusive forum for discussion and alternative perspectives on our current political system.”

David Reed, English Literature student, 21 years old: “A degree is not a commodity.”

The demonstration will build up to a national day of public sector strikes on November 30th.

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