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Protest at Nuclear New Build conference

vd2012-imc [at] (dv) | 19.11.2011 20:55 | London

Six members and supporters of Kick Nuclear gathered outside the Nuclear New Build Forum, taking place at 1 Whitehall Place, Westminster early on Thursday morning (17 November). They called on the nuclear industry bigwigs attending the conference to abandon their plans to build new nuclear power stations and instead concentrate on safer and more sustainable alternatives instead, such as renewable energy and energy efficiency.

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The event notice read:

No More Fukushimas! No More Chernobyls! No More Nuclear Greenwash! Green Solutions Now!

Join Kick Nuclear as we tell nuclear cheerleaders EDF - found guilty this week by a French court of spying on Greenpeace - and all their nuclear industry and pro-nuclear government cronies to EDF-off. We don't want their radiation and greenwash spewing out all over these isles, and their tonnes of radioactive waste and defunct reactors left behind for future generations to have to deal with.

French nuclear energy giant EDF Energy is leading the charge of the nuclear white elephants in the UK, with its plans for new nukiller reactors at five sites in England, starting with Hinkley Point in Somerset. We have to stop them.

Better active today than radioactive tomorrow!

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