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tea, cake and dubstep, 197 mare st resistance (a. squatter) | 19.11.2011 18:55 | London

another successful resistance in hackney

'Naugh-tea-ness' the much loved squatted tea shop in hackney, has been saved from a fate worse than death [more posh flats], this comes only two weeks after the successful resistance of two other property in the local area. Resistance and local support is running high in the squatting community.

Early Friday morning a crowd of around 40 turned up to defend the tea shop, as the bailiffs watched helpless from across the street. Eventually the owner Mr Burns [''excellent''] turned up in his brand new sports car, declaring how unfair it all was, ''But I have a possession order'' he cried. But his protestations fell on deaf ears. After arguing for around an hour with a local resident, he left in a huff.

The doors where flung open and the tea trolley rolled out, every one had cake and tea, whilst listening to some dupstep.

The perfect Friday morning

j (a. squatter)
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