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Police harass activists traveling by coach to nov9 protests

Coach passenger | 12.11.2011 17:42 | Education | Policing | Terror War

The police were stopping many coaches with students and activists traveling to the November 9 student protest.

The coaches were stopped by large teams of riot officers accompanied by FIT photographers. They subjected everyone to a search under the S60 powers while the FIT officers took detailed video of every person.
The riot officers seemed to take a long time to conduct the search with the result that many of the coaches were an hour or two late to the protest.
The police also distributed leaflets to the passengers so they were “aware” of the extra powers the police had imposed on the protest.

Several arrests were as a result of the searches including schnews crap arrest of the week

Coach passenger


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London, coke capital o' t' world

12.11.2011 23:29

The City, The Met, The Corp. and the Army. They're all on it, even the clubbers (oh yeah said that already). Not that I'm getting Bully about it;)

Free the Green. That'll sort it!

Carlitto Brigante

was this lawful?

13.11.2011 20:05

Doesnt section 60 give them the right to search people only within a given geographical area, ie the area of the demo, or where they think they have reason to believe violence will occur? Where were these coaches stopped? How large was wednesdays s60 'area of effect'?


area of s60

13.11.2011 23:09

with big events like this they usually just put it over a huge area, this will have been the whole of london and maybe a small amount of main road coverage outside the m25. during the edinburgh climate camp they put a s60 on the whole of edinburgh even though the fringe festival was on and the camp wasn't even in edinburgh :-|

another anon