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Reclaim the night on Friday

Player of Games | 24.10.2011 18:20 | Gender | Repression | Social Struggles | Oxford

The 2011 Oxfordshire Reclaim the Night march takes place this Friday evening, 28 October, meeting 6.30pm at Gloucester Green. We'll march around the city centre making a noise about violence against women, and tying decorative labels with messages about violence against women - and the phone number for Oxford Rape Crisis - onto railings and streetsigns. Bring your selves, your passion, your favourite chants, and placards and banners.

The march is women-only - for all who self-identify as women and experience gender violence as female-perceived.

Mixed rally at Ruskin College at 8pm - men who want to welcome the marchers with tea get there at 7.30.

See you Friday!

Player of Games


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