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"Dale Farm travellers' site eviction starts " BBC

reposter | 19.10.2011 06:32 | Dale Farm | Anti-racism | Policing | Social Struggles



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Let us remember St Agnes Place and learn

19.10.2011 06:48

This reportage coming from BBC first is an indication a similar day/s long national media strategy is in place like in late 2005 when the street was cleared and then in early 2006.

So much for the autonomous activist technology scams.

Best revert to traditional common sense defences and information.

All threatened with eviction stay safe and take care.


Police using tasers- Guardian

19.10.2011 06:49

Here's the latest dispatch from the aforementioned Dale Farm Solidarity Campaign:

Early this morning riot police and bailiffs stormed the Dale Farm community in a dawn raid. Police violated the court order and used sledgehammers to smash through the walls of a fully legal plot on the site in order to force entry. Human rights observers reported several injuries of residents and supporters from police action as they forced their way onto site. Police are using tasers on those protesting the eviction.

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