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Nottingham Occupy 4 Market Square (Tash [Alan Lodge]) | 18.10.2011 20:55 | Occupy Everywhere


Saturday 15th October 2011

The Jarrow March 2011, which is marching from Jarrow in the North East to London to raise awareness of youth unemployment, arrived in Nottingham today. 



Marchers and supporters assembled on the Forest Rec at 12.30 and marched to the Market Square where a rally was held. It is the 75th anniversary of the original Jarrow Crusade, which an attempt to raise awareness of the intense poverty and unemployment in the North East. The marchers are demanding a number of major policy changes by the government to improve the lives of young people and give them a better future.

They are making the following demands:

A massive government scheme to create jobs which are socially useful and apprenticeships which offer guaranteed jobs at the end – both paying at least the minimum wage, with no youth exemptions.

The immediate reinstatement of EMA payments, expanding them to be available to all 16-19 year olds.

The immediate re-opening of all youth services that have been closed, including reinstating sacked staff.

The scrapping of ‘workfare’ schemes – benefits should be based on need not forced slave labour.

A massive building programme of environmentally sound, cheap social housing.

On arrival in the Market Square, it was occupied by a gathering of people aiming to “to show that we will no longer tolerate the corporate greed and Government corruption that threatens our way of life and everything we work for”. 

On arrival, there was an event were many speakers expressing their concerns.  Notts Uncut also did a tour of the usual tax-dodging suspects.

They camped overnight and are intending to stay as long as they can. The occupation is part of a worldwide movement of occupations that began on 15th Oct. The occupation showed solidarity with youths from the Jarrow March 2011 who rallied in Nottingham on Saturday as part of their journey to London to demand decent employment.

As of writing, the temperature is dropping.  BUT ..... people are still arriving.  Passers by are showing interest and donations of food and kit being received. 



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Occupy Nottingham

Part of a global movement in solidarity with other occupations across the globe.

We aim to occupy the Market Square Area of Nottingham from Saturday 15th October 2011 as part of an ongoing non-violent/peaceful demonstration.

Broadly speaking, we aim to show that we will no longer tolerate the corporate greed and Government corruption that threatens our way of life and everything we work for.

Currently our government strips away our civil liberties and public services, all in the name of greater profit for banks & corporations who exert far too much influence and control over our supposed leaders.

We want to encourage and inspire people to work together towards a fairer society for all, rather than the current system where the rich few get richer and the rest of us get left behind.

Ways you can help

Join us in our occupation

Tell friends and family about the movement

Donate food, water, clothing, blankets, tents, anything that will make our stay more comfortable - winter is coming! [See wishlist below]

Film us, take photos, question us - share the info with the world (the media certainly won't)

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook: @OccupyNotts & OCCUPY Nottingham for Global Change

Email: occupynottingham[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk


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