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Be ready to come to Dale Farm today

for dale farm | 17.10.2011 04:18 | Dale Farm | Anti-racism | Repression | Social Struggles

This morning, the Dale Farm Community will find out whether they will be allowed to appeal against the High Court's rejection of their application for judicial review.

If this is refused, then eviction could happen at any time. Therefore, all supporters are urged to get to Dale Farm as soon as possible to assist with the eviction resistance.

If the judgement goes against the Dale Farm community, residents will not be allowed to appeal the rejection of a judicial review that a notoriously anti-Traveller judge passed down last week. This would mean that there are no longer any legal obstacles to Basildon Council's eviction, and we will need all supporters to come down to Dale Farm as soon a physically possible. Because Basildon Council have refused to reveal a possible date of the eviction, the residents are even more anxious and stressed than would already be the case. They draw a lot of strength from seeing people coming down to support them, so please make an effort to come down as soon as you are able.

We will know the result of the hearing for an appeal at some point in the early afternoon. If the Judge rules that the residents do have a right to appeal, then there will be another hearing scheduled in the very near future.

The residents have nowhere to go. They are united in resisting the eviction, and we have been working with them to develop plans and strategies. Travellers in the UK are at the receiving end of state violence. The way the Dale Farm community is being treated is a form of ethnic cleansing which criminalizes a people and a culture, and it is vital that we come together in solidarity to resist it. We are ready to resist the eviction, and we need more people to join us and the residents as soon as you can come down. Bring a sleeping bag, food and resistance paraphernalia.

For a full list of things to bring, how to get here- only 30 min from London- and other important info, see or call 07583 621312.

Media enquiries: 07040 900905, 07583 761462
Twitter: @letdalefarmlive
Press pack available at
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