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Bristol Occupied! Supplies Needed!

Anon. | 16.10.2011 12:50

We are the 99%, but no one ever said it would be easy!

Inspired by the Wall Street occupation and the myriad of copycat actions blossoming all over the globe, Occupy Bristol has taken College Green! ‘The Green’ has currently been liberated back into the hands of the people.

We need as much help as possible to create the space. So come down and join us – the bigger the encampment becomes, the harder it will be for them to move us and the bigger the impact we will have!

We are currently in desperate need of supplies. If you can help us out with any of the items listed here then please, please do!

What we need:

Polyprop or other tatted rope and string.
Tools of all types, (hammers, saws etc. even gaffer tape!).
Carpet (not foam backed please).
Tarps and similar.
Buckets (especially ones with lids like paint comes in).
Wood, be it firewood or construction wood.
Wheel barrows, hand carts, wheelie bins.
Water butts, oil drums, water tanks.
Pipe, house guttering.
Rubble bags/sacks.
Kitchen tat, large cooking pots, plates, bowls, mugs, spoons forks etc.
Big water containers (>10ltrs+).
Oil for bolts.
Screws, bolts, coach bolts.
Stationary: paper, pens, sticky tape, etc.
Banner making material/paints.
String and Rope.
Spades shovels and forks.
Art supplies! (paints, brushes, anything really)
Emulsion paint
Bamboo Cane

If you can help us then thank you so much! Just bring whatever you can down to the Green and we’ll be sure to put them to good use!

For directions or any other information, please call: 07415139464

Thank you!

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