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Weekly blog roundup

Player of Games | 15.10.2011 10:28 | Gender | Health | Other Press | Public sector cuts | Technology | Oxford

The following is drawn from a variety of local activist blogs

Oxford Save Our Services: Opening Public Services White Paper puts profits before people

Angry about NHS reforms? The Government is planning further changes to our public services. The ‘ Opening Public Services White Paper’ leads to privatisation of all public services. A private sector worker provides one perspective of privatisation is wrong. There has been much praise heaped upon the private sector, recently. Successive governments have argued that opening up public services to the private markets is a … Read more

Lashings of Ginger Beer: Feminism is not a club you join

Recently, feminists on Twitter have been carrying out a #DiversityAudit on the representation of women in British TV and radio, with a particular focus on comedy panel shows. It has, perhaps not unexpectedly, revealed that TV and radio panel shows have a rather strong bias towards the representation of one particular gender - and it's not women! Thefword have published an overview of the findings - w… Read more

The Top Soil: A Radical Idea: a bloggers solidarity?

We’ve got to radicalise the mainstream media,” piped up one of the attendees, “That’s where every other revolution failed.”I tried to hide my scoffing, but I’ve never been able to hide my feelings. Around me people nodded – one even suggested that the Guardian was the solution. On another side, people seemed to be praising Indymedia or other dull “citizen” news platforms… Read more

The Top Soil: Can we save the NHS?

Today saw the horrific Health and Social Care Bill being passed through its first reading in the House of Lords, with not a squeak from the mainstream press, and certainly with no efforts being made to explain the real contents of the bill. The Tories started this privatisation back in the 80s, Labour continued it, and now it’s been fini… Read more

Save Temple Cowley Pools: Democracy 6, Council 0!!!

Another big show at the Council meeting on Monday - a brilliant address by a member of the 'Town Green Fourteen' defending his group's application for Town Green Status for Blackbird Leys Park, which would stop the Council building the proposed new pool. More addresses from us, and our latest petition gets debated. And an unexpected 'own goal' by the Labour Councillors. The video of the whole meeting is available on the counc… Read more

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Player of Games