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NYC Mayor Plans to End Wall Street Occupation tomo (Emergency) | 13.10.2011 22:55 | London

In New York City, Mayor Mike Bloomberg is trying to close down the
Occupy Wall Street demonstration. He's told demonstrators they should
leave the park temporarily early Friday morning so it can be cleaned and
then, he says, the Park will be open to the public and they can return.
But no tents or other gear will be allowed.

In other words, he's ending the Occupy demonstration after lying about
how the demonstrators could stay there as long as they wanted.

While it's predictable that an arrogant, disdainful billionaire would
attack this remarkable action, it's more appropriate that it be defended
by the people's movements. Ready?

Here's the latest news:

They say to gather at 6:00 but we think they're going to invade the park
much earlier, btw. We would suggest gathering at like 4:00 am...just in
case. (Emergency)
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