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Michael Lyons: Appeal turned down at Royal Courts of Justice

vg | 13.10.2011 17:15 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Terror War

Michael Lyons is the young Navy medic who was sentenced to seven months military detention after refusing to take part in rifle training pending the outcome of his application for conscientious objector status. Lyons became opposed to the war in Afghanistan and to all wars since reading the Afghan War Diaries and other documents Bradley Manning is accused of leaking. Today, Lyons' appeal against the court martial and the length of his sentence were both turned down.

michael lyons
michael lyons

write to him!
write to him!

Michael Lyons lost his appeal against his sentence at the Military Appeals Tribunal in the Royal Courts of Justice today, 13 October. The Dale Farm Travellers lost their case in the Royal Courts of Justice yesterday. Seems justice is in short supply.

More information about Michael and his connection with Bradley Manning here.

This ruling means that Michael will have to serve another four weeks at the military prison in Colchester. Letters and cards mean a lot and are likely to be especially appreciated by Michael in the next days and weeks, so get yer pens and paper out. Information about writing to Michael Lyons here.

It's a long and expensive journey for Michael's wife Lillian to visit him.

If you would like to make a contribution to help with these costs, you can make a cheque out to “London Catholic Worker”, write “Lyons” on the back of the cheque and send it to “Michael Lyons Support” c/o Giuseppe Conlon House, 49 Mattison Rd, Harringay, London N4 1BG or make a payment directly to the Catholic Worker bank account:

London Catholic Worker
Account number 20066996
Sort code 16-58-10
Reference: Michael Lyons

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more human beings like you please Michael

13.10.2011 21:34

Braver man to see the light and stick to principles than one who refuses to see or worse sees and carrys on as if blind

more human beings like you please

you are the future