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Dale Farm: Get Ready To Resist: skills and mischief at Camp Constant this weekend

Dale Farm Solidarity | 07.10.2011 10:54 | Dale Farm | Anti-racism | Social Struggles

Latest court date for a decision on whether or not a judicial review will be held is set for Wednesday. The result could go either way and the threat of eviction is still very real. This weekend at Dale Farm we are holding two days of workshops and activities. This is a great time to come to Dale Farm and get a feeling for the current situation here and at the high court, share skills and learn some new ones and prepare us all better for possible eviction.

We'll start at 1pm on Saturday with a comprehensive overview of the current situation at Dale Farm and discussions with residents.
Then there will be two days of workshops, including blockading, ninja
skills, and direct action techniques; and action simulation games.
Live music on Saturday night including The Fire Pit Collective with Jay
Terrestrial from Inner Terrestrials.

Come to Camp Constant this weekend: learn skills, get fully updated on the situation, and feel empowered to come and stand with the travellers if the court decision doesn't go our way. See you there!

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