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Phien O'Phien - Hum Hum Hum - Save Dale Farm Folk Song!

Autonomy Media | 04.10.2011 15:43 | Dale Farm | Anti-racism | Culture | Free Spaces

Phien O'Phien is a long time activist on behalf of the Irish traveller community. He has for some time been writing folk songs about the experience of Irish travellers, Hum Hum Hum being one of them.

Often the 'traditional' is ignored in activism, even dismissed as 'nationalist' or whatever. However it is important for people to preserve their culture from the attacks of the imperialism which makes everything homogenous like the TV. This sort of folk music has not exactly died out in the UK, but much of it has become stale imitation - what makes Phien O'Phien so unique is that he is writing original lyrics about his people and their survival. He has been at Dale Farm since the beginning of Camp Constant, and is working together with the other activists to resist eviction by Constance and Co.

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