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325#9 – Free PDF magazine of Social War & Anarchy

325 collective | 28.09.2011 13:21 | August Riots | Other Press | Repression | Social Struggles | World

The rebellious anarchist magazine is back with another 92 pages of resistance and revolution to keep you ticking. D.I.Y and not for profit, this magazine aims to be a voice from the uncontrollables.

325 has long provided a platform for prisoners and anarchist/autonomous groups/individuals to communicate, and we’re proud to present this latest issue, as we received a lot of new inputs and efforts. The global network of solidarity and direct action spreads and multiplies – this magazine is only a glimpse of it.

A large selection of texts received from UK sets off the riot of info contained within this edition, and we give space to cover, amongst other subjects; the repressive anti-anarchist crack-down in Italy this year; lengthy insightful open letters and uncompromising statements from Greek anarchist prisoners of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and their accused; several articles form themed sections concerning Germany, Indonesia, and Chile etc. Whilst Philippines, Mexico and Russia also have a presence. A selection of poetic columns from Argentinian anarchist Rodolfo Gonzalez Pacheco, and the usual International Resistance News and Brief Global Reports make up the regular features.

The world-wide anarchic revolutionary insurrectional current could never be summed up in pages alone and grows day-by-day beyond our capability to report it. Consider these texts and images as contributions to an ongoing process of revolutionary solidarity and struggle.

Free PDF download and paper version directly available from 325 for suggested £2.5 / €3 suggested soli-donation per issue (postage extra), or pick it up from any decent anarchist distro which stocks it. Free copies available to prisoners (if they can receive it). Any money generated will be put into the 325 network and given to the funds of anarchist, eco & class-struggle prisoners.

As the crow flies… the jackanory never stops… This issue is dedicated to the memory of Gary DS & Casey. OG DSG RIP (Riot in Peace).

Articles include:

- For Riotous Assemblies not Reasonable Dissent
- Letter from Anarchist/Antifascist Prisoner Thomas Blak
- The Struggle Against the Existent Continues
- To address moral elitism within the anarchist milieu in response to the rioters of August 6th onwards…
- Incitement to Burn
- Beyond the ‘Movement’ – Anarchy!
- Against the British ‘anti-capitalist movement’: Brief notes on their ongoing failure
- To act without outside authorisation, clearance or a big pat on the back from the movement
- ‘Rain & Fire’ by UK sector of FAI
- A few notes on recent repressive attacks against anarchists in Italy
- To believe, to obey and to work
- ‘Direct Action’ by Rodolfo Gonzalez Pacheco
- About the case of Silvia, Costas & Billy
- About Solidarity
- About the “Conspiracy of Cells of Fire” case
- P.Argyrou – Statement to the Court
- Cells of Fire are Our Souls
- Political Statement of P.Masouras
- Mass sabotage in Berlin
- Sketches of the last few years anti-militarist praxis in Germany
- ‘There is nothing to reform’ by Gabriel Pombo da Silva
- Liebig 14 Evicted
- Solidarity with Chilean Struggle
- ‘With the Rebels…’ by Rodolfo Gonzalez Pacheco
- Tortuga Presente! Active Solidarity with Luciano!
- News from the Social War in Sulawesi and Java – Indonesia

325 collective
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Reply to 325

28.09.2011 23:37

Responses that criticise your posts are NOT "against any kind of direct action or attacks against state, corporate and security targets", as you inaccurately claim, they ARE against actions that play into the hands of state, corporate and security interests by using stupid tactics. Actually bother to read Situationist texts like Sanguinetti's "On Terrorism and the State", and actually bother to educate yourself about how States use strategy-of-tension attacks to discredit radical politics, by studying the material about false-flag terrorism that has been made available to you by for instance militant Anarchist Stuart Christie

Your own magazine quotes another militant Anarchist Errico Malatesta as saying "in war there are moves that you get right and there are wrong moves, there are careful combatants and those who get carried away with enthusiasm and become an easy target for the enemy" - try to understand the advice that you yourself quote

This is not satire

Errico Malatesta

We read the shit

29.09.2011 10:25


Fuck OFF

Life in MI5

29.09.2011 14:00

Having followed and analysed protest movements, potential terrorist groups and anarchist trends for many years, we at MI5 have consistently had trouble defining what 'real Anarchism' is. We put this publication together in the hope of clarifying the matter, by flushing out the 'real Anarchists' who would hate the magazine, such as our good author "not defeated, not in prison, still alive", from those pretending to be anarchists. With the sheer magnitude of the publication and its ideas, we hoped that it would force the anarchists (real, fake and deluded) to position themselves in a manner that made some kind of sense to us. The problem is that we seem to have tied ourselves up in a bit of a knot. We succeeded in placing so many 'anarchists' into co-ordinated global struggle - looters, rioters, students, farmers, black blocs and Greek nihilists - that we seem to have completely confused the matter. It now seems that WE are the anarchists and that the 'real Anarchists' who analyse, comment on and generally try to discredit those who resist, and seem to be against any kind of direct action or attacks against state, corporate and security targets (purporting them to be performed by the state and its agents) are in fact US!

Your confused MI5
... are WE the real Anarchists?

Ps. That's what you get when the "State is the only terrorist", eh?

Pps. This is satire. You wouldn't understand it. You seem to have an 'ism stuck in your ear.

Ppps. Don't you get it? We're MI5, we can do what we want, including blowing up your house, so we don't need book recommendations from dusty scrotes on the internet! Christie! We still owe him money from back when he was a militant anarchist terrorist freedom fighter in the Angry Brigades.

Pppps. Thanks to all the trolls for promoting our magazine, all the right people will definitely read it now, especially after it got such a slagging here, we couldn't have done better ourselves, even as MI5.

Please, accept our thanks for all your help here.


Sequence of events

29.09.2011 18:24

The "life in MI5" comment above was one of the first comments to be posted in response to this thread, the Errico Malatesta comment was a reply to "life in MI5", but the original "life in MI5" was then removed by Indymedia, then re-posted again later on, after the Errico Malatesta comment which in fact had originally been a reply to it. Sorry if this all seems a bit complex, but when Indy mods remove comments the resulting sequence of comments can be confusing

Errico Malatesta