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N.E.T climbers in Constant & Co uniforms at Dale Farm

observer | 22.09.2011 14:09 | Dale Farm

One of the climbers from the National Eviction Team bailiff company was present in a Constant & Co uniform during the weekend and Monday outside Dale Farm.

second from the left on the front row
second from the left on the front row

He was spotted by someone who has come up against him before in previous evictions. It either means that Constant & Co are employing Richard Turner Ltd ( as their climbers (like N.E.T do) or this one bailiff is moonlighting for another firm.

He was one of only a few of the bailiffs wearing climbing hats instead of hard hats. He was also seen standing on a step ladder, obviously utilising his special skills at height.

Remember his face. Unlike most of the Constant & Co thugs it's unlikely we'll come across them again.



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23.09.2011 09:33

We can only hope the high court judge woke up on the right side of his bed this morning. Judging by history, dropping ones guard invites people like the above photo to walk in. Would it not have been more realistic to have further reinforced barricades and defences at Dale Farm, rather than goodwill gestures to thugs by dropping them. Solidarity with all those in support of dale Farm residents.