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New World Order? 9/11 truths & new documentary: '7/7 Crimes And Prejudice'

Friday Drivetime | 16.09.2011 23:05 | Flotilla to Gaza | Analysis | History | Social Struggles | World

straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers and Tony Gosling

Egyptians storm Israeli Embassy in Cairo; Queen signs amendment to criminal law so Israeli War criminals can now visit Britain without fear of arrest; Carriage Works Action Group; Food Mapping; military exercises taking place on 9/11; new 2 hour YouTube documentary 7/7: Crimes And Prejudice combines a presentation of the cutting edge of July 7th research with a deeply contextual analysis that casts light on largely unexamined aspects of the war on terror; New World Order.


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Friday Drivetime
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some mistakes in this programme? ta to j7 for pointing out

30.09.2011 00:03

Martin called John Loftus the 'former Attorney General of the United States'. He was not in fact, but an FBI special prosecutor appointed under president Jimmy Carter to track down former Nazis resident in the US.

Tony Gosling
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