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Boycott Dirty Harry in Brighton North Laines

Roger | 10.09.2011 15:53 | Guantánamo | Anti-racism | Terror War | South Coast

Tell the proprietors of Dirty Harry to stop selling "Joke" Guantanamo Bay orange boiler suits.

Dirty Harry in Brighton's Sydney Street in the North Laine has started selling orange boiler suits as some kind of sick joke. They wouldn't dream of selling Auschwitz suits for obvious reasons so why should it be acceptable to sell these.

The fact that Omar Deghayes, a Guantanamo inmate, and his family who live in Brighton and have suffered so much as a result of this legal black hole could easily walk past these and would understandably struggle to find the funny side as do many of us.

Pay them a visit and politely ask them to stop selling them now.



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