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Video of EDL getting spanked in Mile End

Alex R | 04.09.2011 11:14 | Anti-racism | Culture

Brilliant video of the EDL getting spanked in Mile End -

Brilliant video of the EDL getting spanked in Mile End -

Have a word with the coach company as well -

First photo shows an EDL supporter giving the Adolf Hitler salute in the City of London

Sequence of 3 photos shows an EDL supporter at Kings Cross, with "Slayer" tattooed on his bald head and "88", meaning "HH" or "Heil Hitler" tattooed on his neck (not the clearest photos but still helps to show what we're dealing with here)

Thanks to everyone who supported the counter-protest. The EDL will talk shit about this as ever but the fact is their numbers were well down (less than 1,000 supporters) and most importantly they never marched in Tower Hamlets. No Pasaran!!!!!!!!!!

Alex R


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