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Bloody Revolution All The Way - NATO setting precedents in Libya

Friday Drivetime | 31.08.2011 21:59 | Dale Farm | Analysis | History | Terror War | World

26 Aug 5:00 pm
Friday Drivetime
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Human Rights violations, setting dangerous precedents & possible oil-grab motives in Libya.
Karen Cole from UNITE on Conservative Health Secretary Andrew Lansley’s NHS reorganisation.
1992 BBC Timewatch documentary: Italian Neo-fascist Vincenzo Vintiguerra explains NATO’s Gladio network of secret far right neo-fascist terror cells.
A Different World: former SOGAT copytaker remembers Rupert Murdoch’s 1986 Wapping printworkers strike.
Dale Farm Travellers site in Basildon, Essex awaits Britain’s biggest eviction ever.
Parliament Square resident & Brian Haw’s friend Barbara Tucker arrested & now in Holloway prison.

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