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Fascist NF in Newcastle

Antifa n.e | 13.08.2011 16:44 | Anti-racism | Gender

Fascist boneheads spotted up to nee good as usual in the Toon.

Fascists in Newcastle.
Fascists in Newcastle.

To my surprise walking in Newcastle today, there appeared to be a very poor piece of hate-work displayed at the Monument. A 'Stop Immigration - Start Repatriation - nf' banner was placed up with a very feeble number of support around 3-4 people. All the more as fascist views are not very well tolerated in Britain, yet alone Newcastle.

They didn't stay there for very long either, from arriving around 12, they took the banner and themselves away at around 2/3 pm.

Good riddance.

Antifa n.e


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