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Waging a Savage War on Libyan People

Lizzie Phelan | 12.08.2011 19:58 | August Riots | Anti-militarism | Terror War | Sheffield | World

More bombs drop on Tripoli and across Libya tonight. Theses bombs dropped by the British government whose own youth are setting that country on fire in protest at their abandonment.

The Libyan government share with the British youth the experience of criminalisation by the British press and politicians, and tonight they extended their solidarity to them.

Libyan Foreign Minister chastised British Prime Minister David Cameron for “describing his own people as criminals” and echoed the sentiments of the youth by declaring him “unfit for the job”.

Recognising that the cause of these “riots” by black and working class youngsters were their ignored demands for better representation, better education and health services, better housing, jobs and more and equal opportunities, he added that, “instead of investing taxpayers money in areas underfunded, [Cameron] is spending it on waging a savage war on Libyan people.”

And on the day that NATO massacred 85 Libyan civilians, the images of Britain on fire can garner little sympathy amongst outraged Libyans. This is just the start of the “chickens [coming] home to roost.”

I watched their heartbroken and incensed loved ones bury the 33 children, 32 women and 20 men NATO claimed were likely to be part of the military or “mercenaries”. Most of the population of the Zlitan town Majer turned out for their burial chanting furiously against NATO.

As we captured on film and in history the aftermath of NATO’s crimes, person after person came to tell us how NATO was creating a generation of Libyans so filled with rage that they would see no recourse but to send themselves to martyrdom in revenge against the west.

The owners of the multiple houses which were bombed, spread some distance apart from one another, had been hosting scores of refugees from the nearby city of Misrata, who fled from the horrifying atrocities commited against them by the NATO financed and armed Libyan “rebels”.

As well as those living in the houses, many of those massacred had come to help in the rescue operation after the first round of bombs hit. But NATO’s savagery takes no rest and Britian, France the United States and the rest of their criminal friends unleashed a second wave of airstrikes, killing the survivors and those who had come to rescue them.

At the funeral, these ordinary and poor Libyan people which the western and Arab media so profusely insisted were being oppressed by the Libyan government insisted that they would sacrifice their lives for their leader Muammar Gaddafi.

The grief stricken children of Majer chanted: “The blood of our martyrs, will not be forgotten.” They will not be forgotten. From Khalida Hamedi to Mark Duggan, we will never forget.


The NATO bombardment of Tripoli has continued throughout the day, intensifying as usual in the night time. The last bomb I heard was 15 minutes ago so I don’t know everything that has been hit yet.

But I do know that houses in the surburban area of Fernaj was badly bombed again with many civilian casualties reported. Immediately aftewards a large group of Tripoli residents flocked to the Rixos hotel where foregin journlaists are based. I was there at the time and could see and hear them expressing their outrage about what they say are the foreign media’s lies about Libya that has caused this NATO war, they were kept from entering the hotel by Libyan guards.

Also bombed tonight was a factory for making flour. This is being seen as another attempt by NATO to starve the Libyan people into submission. As we know NATO has already imposed a naval blocakde on the country that has stopped vital foodstuffs from getting in. The blockade has also caused fuel shortages which make it more difficult to transport food across the coutnry.

But despite all of the suffering of the Libyan people they are responding to events in Britain which as we know is one of the leading countries in the NATO campaign. Libya’s most popular talk show expressed solidarity tonight with the family of Mark Duggan who was shot dead by the British police. the host said that the Libya stands with those in Britain who are in the streets fighting the same government as the Libyan people.


Journalist and political activist Lizzie Phelan is dedicated to supporting and learning about people’s struggles across the world against the past half a millenium of US-Euro imperialist oppression, and celebrating those who are struggling towards a world where people are collectively in control of their own destinies. Lizzie is reporting from Libya.

Lizzie Phelan
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