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Nottingham Riots: Tuesday pix 1 (Tash [Alan Lodge]) | 11.08.2011 15:55 | August Riots


Tuesday 9th August 2011

Nottinghamshire Police mounted an operation across Nottingham City over the last few night.



In a statement, the police say that they had over 800 officers on duty to police the situation. A large number of PSU's were deployed and were added to by units from Lincolnshire and South Yorkshire.  Mounted officers were also deployed. 

Damage was done to 5 Nottingham Police Stations. and a number of city centre shops were damaged and now boarded up. On monday night, the Victoria Centre entrance and glass in shops there were also smashed. 

Nottinghamshire Police issued a detail statement of events at: 

They now report 105 arrests.  60 so far have been charged. They say: "The force is actively looking to make further arrests and will continue to gather evidence to do so."

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