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Manchester Riots - 9th August (Stillshooter) | 10.08.2011 21:55 | August Riots

Greater Manchester Police arrested 113 people overnight on Tuesday 9th August

as thousands of youths ransacked shops, attacked officers and torched cars in the city centre.

Mr Stringer, Labour MP for Blackley & Broughton, said he believed the chief constable of Greater Manchester Police "has a lot to answer for".

"It was known that this was coming to Salford and Manchester, and now shops have been looted and set on fire

"The police knew it was coming. It was co-ordinated and organised by well-known criminals and gangsters.

"A lot more people should have been arrested for inciting this kind of behaviour."

"There were occasions where the crowds were so large and so violent that it would have been unsafe to deploy a handful of officers into those situations."

Meanwhile, hundreds of people joined council staff and business owners in a clean-up operation across the city centre, sweeping up broken glass and wreckage from the devastation caused the night before.

Ed Miliband, Leader of the Labour Party and Leader of the Opposition toured the city centre today speaking with council leaders, the police and local business owners.

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