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Nick Griffin is in Liverpool telling lies about the riots

Nick Griffins Publicist | 10.08.2011 13:29 | August Riots | Liverpool | World

NIck Griffin, surrounded by a group of convicted, racist thugs, is visiting Smithdown Road to peddle his own brand of violent racism.

After attempting to spread terror, confusion and rumour on the Pete Price Show last night - where they phoned in from as far afield as Enfield in London - the BNP have sunk to a new low. The Pete Price gambit is all about getting people to feel afraid. Without the fear the visit of Griffin to Liverpool will not have the effect that he hoped it would.

Shipping in Nick Griffin to Smithdown Road (apparently he thinks it is in Toxteth. It's Wavertree, One Eye) to make inflammatory speeches. Which would have been great - except the kick off that he was hoping for never happened.

The truth is Liverpool does not want this kind of racist scum in the City. He knows it yet he comes to stir up panic about the race war. The usual suspects are there talking about the strategy of tension that has built up and destroyed this land. Down the road there are black families who can trace their history back two and three hundred years. They are this City, not just a part of this City.

The Problem that Griffin has is that his gambit failed. His attempt to rally the troops shows how weak the BNP really are. With the EDL being close to being proscribed, One Eye is pedalling faster to stay still. Unaware of the next scandal that is about to take hold of him.

He is not wanted in Liverpool. Even his one time best friend Owen is realising what a liability he is. Nobody wants to be attached to Breivik - or Fiore - that closely. Griffin would do well to get out of the City and never return. Plans for turning gangs into Political Soldiers might look good on paper - or in the deluded head of a fascist - but they are not going to work in a multicultural city.

But then - Griffin does need to talk to his lieutenants in person - since he cannot trust email or telephone any more. Opportunists and parasites like him - whose accounts are a mess again - really do not have much trust in the state. Even when they are state.

Nick Griffins Publicist


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