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Riots spread to Nottingham (Nottingham Indymedia) | 10.08.2011 09:55 | August Riots

The disturbances which have swept London following the shooting of Mark Duggan by armed police on Thursday, has spread to Nottingham. According to Notts Police five of their police stations were attacked by groups of rioters last night, armed with ‘homemade incendiary devices’. Over 100 arrests have been made including a group of 10 who climbed on the roof of Nottingham High School. On Monday night there was serious disruption in and around St Anns, including an attempt to break into JD Sport in the Victoria Centre and a firebomb attack on the police station.

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This is not the first time that disorder has begun in London and spread to Nottingham. In 1981, rioting in Brixton and Toxteth, Liverpool was replicated in Nottingham, centred around the Hyson Green flats (now replaced by an Asda supermarket). Indeed, the current wave of disorder has also seen incidents in Liverpool, including in Toxteth.


St Anns police station attacked with petrol bomb.

Group of youths attempt to break into shops in city centre.

Vehicles set on fire and windows smashed in St Anns.


Bulwell police station attacked with stones.

Arson at Clarendon College.

Golden Fleece pub on Mansfield road attacked.

Group climb on the roof of Nottingham High School.

Canning Circus police station attacked with petrol bomb.

Police car set on fire outside Meadows police station.

Looting attempts in city centre thwarted by heavy police presence.

Widespread arson, criminal damage and disorder in Basford, Clifton, Meadows and St Anns. (Nottingham Indymedia)