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Police Dog Savages Bystander

Pinkolady | 10.08.2011 02:53 | August Riots | Policing

BBC Radio Manchester phone in: a guy called Steven has phoned in to describe how a police officer set his dog on him and let it maul his leg so badly that he he needs surgery.

Steven was phoning from Manchester Royal Infirmary. He described how he was talking to a news camera team in Manchester when the police asked them, politely, to move away. They started moving promptly, then another police officer yelled at them to move, and came up and set his dog on him. It chewed on his leg for 45 seconds, badly tearing the muscle, while the police officer stood grinning at him and ignoring his pleas to call the dog off. The camera crew helped him get to hospital.

It's not unexpected, but it looks like some of the fuzz are taking an opportunity to indulge in thuggery alongside the rioters.

Radio Manchester took the call live, so couldn't edit or censor it, but the presenter sounded uncomfortable at being told the police are capable of attacking people. He commented that "We've only got Stephen's word that this happened" and said they would "investigate it".



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