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Riots in Manchester

Pinkolady | 09.08.2011 22:29 | August Riots

The BBC news channel has just been showing live coverage of rioting and looting in the centre of Manchester.

This was happening at the Arndale Centre, and in the northern quarter near Piccadilly Gardens, which is where the central bus stops and tram stops are. The northern quarter is full of criss-crossing streets which make it a rioters' paradise. It is easy for groups of people to run down side streets and change direction quickly to dodge the police. According to one BBC reporter, people looted the independent grocery store opposite the BBC building on Oxford Street earlier in the evening. This is a mile and a half away from Piccadilly Gardens and near the universities..

At 8.30pm the GMPTE stopped bus and tram services into the centre of Manchester, and National Express are not taking coaches into the centre, they are dropping people off in the southern suburbs or in Oldham.

In Oldham there has been a lot of police activity in the past two hours, with four or five police vans full of cops in riot gear going in and out of the police car park at regular intervals, though according to the BBC, the police say there are "no major disturbances in Oldham". If there is anything going on, it isn't anywhere on the north side of the town centre.

I am not venturing out now, but I may be able to get photos of the after effects early tomorrow morning.



just a rumour

09.08.2011 23:09

Three were persistent rumours that the EDL were behind "riots" outside of London. Based on the fact that the began in Enfield after a delay from tottenham. BNP opportunists have just screwed the country in the hope of making the Turner diaries come true.