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Police tonight will be different - be warned (Lars ) | 09.08.2011 12:55 | August Riots | London

Just come off the phone with an activist friend whose father is a copper (not her fault).  She has talked about what the tactics will be tonight.

It seems the filth have had instructions to "take the gloves off" ( I guess from Cameron now back from his tax payer funded Italian holiday and photo op) and that they will be using two new tactics to a greater degree.

Road clearing - so called 'Sentinal Surge' - this involves the use of a tight line of police vehicals side by side simply driving head on at people who fail to move.  Obviously a criminal offence but hey it's the filth right so they can get away with it.  People need to be very, very careful as it is easy to assume they will stop - they will not !

Snatch squads - they call this 'carp fishing' an individual is targeted for snatch, he or she is then given a good kicking in the back of a van but rather than taken to the station is released back into the street.  The individual will then stagger back to his friends who the police believe are intimidated by seeing somebody so badly beaten.


All of the state media operation is hard at work bigging up the damage to 'private' property, threats to little old ladies etc etc so that the police actions will be defendable tomorrow morning after the likely high casulties and maybe even deaths among the innocent on the streets.


Be warned, stay together, stay safe.

This revolution can be won (Lars )
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